The Medical Facts are Compelling.

Most medical professionals agree that medical cannabis is an effective herbal remedy for pain management as an analgesic and it ameliorates nausea and vomiting. Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who have never smoked marijuana are on the black market trying to get marijuana for these very reasons. Glaucoma patients know all about the fact it is proven to reduce eye pressure.

Newer research indicates cannabis helps fight “Alzheimers plaques” in the brain more effectively than current pharmaceuticals on the market. Continue reading

The DEA continues to expand their crackdown on California medical marijuana dispensaries.

The DEA continues to expand their crackdown on California medical marijuana dispensaries. Federal prosecutors filed three more lawsuits targeting over 60 dispensaries in Orange County in August.

The Feds sent warning letters regarding asset-forfeiture lawsuits, to numerous landlords who own buildings that house “marijuana shops”, and the letters order the closure of the dispensaries or possible criminal charges will be filed against the landlords.

Over 300 “marijuana shops” and grow operations have been targeted in the Central District of California, since October when the state’s four United States Attorneys announced an effort to curb dispensaries. Continue reading

Marijuana economy is just going to pot

By PETER HECHT – The Sacramento Bee
ARCATA — The pot market is crashing in California’s Emerald Triangle.
The closure of hundreds of marijuana dispensaries across California and a federal crackdown on licensing programs for medical pot cultivation are leaving growers in the North Coast redwoods with harvested stashes many can’t sell.
Purportedly legal medical cultivators are fleeing to the black market. So much cheap weed is getting dumped in the college town of Arcata that some local dispensaries say business is down 75 percent. 
People long have trekked into the marijuana fields and indoor greenhouses of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties. Workers used to earn as much as $200 a pound meticulously cutting leaves from marijuana buds, prepping them for display at dispensaries or for sale in a purely illicit market. Continue reading

Campaign to Regulate Marijuana uses Billboards.

First NORML put one up in Florida, now has one for Colorado; perhaps billboards can win the war against marijuana prohibition? No, probably not without some help. Nevertheless, Raw Story has the scoop on a shiny new $5,000 billboard, prominently placed near Denver’s Mile High Stadium.The group’s official name is the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and as Jacob Sullum has previously noted, it has thrown its support behind a ballot initiative to fully legalize marijuana in 2012. Colorado has had legalized medical marijuana since 2001, but that doesn’t stop the state from staging the occasional SWAT raid on legal users just in case they’re using slightly more weed than is allowed. Continue reading